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Castle Welsperg and Castle Ruin Thurn in Welsberg
Northeast of Welsperg in the Puster Valley, at the very entrance of the Gsies Valley, is the well preserved Castle Welsperg. Opposite, on a wooded hillside, you can find the Castle Ruin Thurn. You can experience both attractions on a beautiful walk. The castle is open for sightseeing from July to September. In addition to Castle Welsperg you can find numerous castles all over South Tyrol offering you many sightseeing opportunities.

Messner Mountain Museum
With the restoration works recently concluded, Bruneck Castle in the Pustertal Valley will open its doors to the fifth Messner Mountain Museum in June of 2011, dedicated entirely to the subject of mountain peoples. World-renowned mountaineer Reinhold Messner tells visitors about the relationship between people and the mountains and its ultimate connection: the legacy of people who have lived in the mountains since the beginning of time. With countless objects taken from everyday life, the museum illustrates what life was like in some of the most important mountain settlements in the world.

Museum of Folk Traditions in Bruneck
The outdoor museum is located on 6 hectares of land in Dietenheim by Bruneck and showcases two dozen original buildings from various South Tyrol valleys. Original equipment and machinery allow you to experience agricultural skills and the everyday life of the valley’s ancestors. Live animals and bread baking, cabbage chopping, sheep shearing, etc. provide open-air museum attractions for the entire family.

Ötzi the Ice Man
On display at the South Tyrol Archeological Museum in Bozen (South Tyrol, Italy), “The Ice Man“ is one of the most famous and well-known mummies in the world. In addition to “The Ice Man”, the museum offers many archeologically relevant discoveries of the South Tyrol region.

Local Festivals and Events
Gsies Valley offers numerous local festivals and events during the summer as well as the winter season. Next to the Chocolate Symposium (Schokoladesymposium), the Alpine Hut Festival (Almhüttenfest), the Choir Festival (Chorfestival) and the Dumpling Marathon (Knödelmarathon), there are regular events that pamper our tourists with our local cuisine.