Lake Dobbiaco

Another treasure is the Dobbiaco Lake, situated between Dobbiaco and Cortina. The lake is located at the entrance to the Höhlenstein Valley at 1259m above sea level.

The lake is neither particularly large nor deep, but is a wetland and very popular among bird watchers. At the lake there is a botanical trail. Because of the beautiful location of the lake and also the beautiful surroundings it is definitely worth a trip.

Where is the Dobbiaco Lake?

The Dobbiaco Lake is located about 2 km outside the centre of Dobbiaco at the entrance to the Höhlenstein Valley towards Cortina. 

How far is Lake Dobbiaco from Mountain Residence Montana?

From us to Dobbiaco Lake you need between 25-30 minutes by car. It is about 25 km.

How do you get to Dobbiaco Lake?

It is possible to reach the lake by car all year round, or alternatively you can use public transport.

From Sankt Magdalena to Welsberg by bus, from Welsberg by train to Dobbiaco. From Dobbiaco railway station to the lake is about 2 km.

Where can I park?

It is recommended to park the car at the train station in Dobbiaco. From the parking area to the lake is a hiking and biking trail, it is about 2 km.

Can you swim in the Dobbiaco Lake?

You can swim in Dobbiaco Lake, but even in the middle of summer the temperature is only 20°C maximum.

Is there a boat rental at the lake?

There is a boat rental at the lake. 

Is it possible to walk around the lake?

You can walk around the lake, along the lake there is also an educational trail with 11 stations. The walk around the lake takes about 1 hour. 

Can you eat at the Dobbiaco Lake - which restaurants are good?

We recommend the Seiterhof in Dobbiaco as a restaurant with excellent South Tyrolean cuisine, but if you feel like a pizza, the Pizzeria Ariston is the first choice. 


You can also combine your visit to the lake with a hike on the Prato Piazza to the Strudelkopf or the Dürrenstein. You can find more information here.

You can also go from Dobbiaco to the Dürrenstein Valley in the direction of Cortina. On the route you will find the lake Dürrensee and nearby the Lago di Misurina.

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