Unique products from the Gsiesertal

Discover the handmade products of our farmers

Would you like to get to know traditional products from the valley?  Then visit some of our farms and take a look behind the scene of the unique creations. From cheese to jam, you will find everything you desires. Immerse yourself in the history of each individual product and let yourself be surprised.


 Location: St. Magdalena/Valle di Casies

Day off: Wednesday

Opening hours: 11.30 - ca. 19.00

phone number: +39 0474 94 85 62

E-mail: info_at_regiohof.com



Location: St. Magdalena/Valle di Casies

Day off: Wednesday/Sunday

Opening hours:

  • 9.00-12.00 am
  • 3.00-7.00 pm

phone number: +39 0474 948 009

E-mail: info_at_waldsamerhof.it


Klanschta Bio-Fleisch: organic meat from the local farm 

Klanschta Bio-Fleisch in the Gsies Valley offers meat of the highest quality. Alex Huber and his family put biodiversity first. Their Pustertaler Sprinzen, a well-known breed of cattle, enjoy the summer on the alpine pasture before being slaughtered stress-free. They live in their natural environment and enjoy the freedom and freshness of the mountain air.



Would you like to immerse yourself in the herbal world of "Bergila" and get interesting details about their products during a free guided tour? Then come along and let you be guided through the distillery followed by a footbath.

Location: Pfalzen | Pustertal

Phone number: +39 0474 565 373

E-mail: info_at_bergila.com


Salmone Dolomiti

The highest salmon smokehouse in Europe. Smoking salmon at over 1,200 meters above sea level sounds quite adventurous.

A fish that is at home in the depths of the sea suddenly encounters the highest peaks in the Dolomites.

Location: Niederdorf | Pustertal

Phone: +39 371 440 2554

E-mail: info_at_salmonedolomiti.com


Villgrater Natur

A wool manufactory that has made it to the big city of Vienna.

Discover the potential of sheep farming for human health.

The family-run business in Innervillgraten will inspire you.

Location: Innervillgraten

Phone: +43 4843 5520

E-mail: office_at_villgraternatur.at


Stockner´s Genuss Bunker

Various cheeses refined in a natural stone bunker.

Through the special climate in the bunker Hubert Stockner creates a unique product.

Tel: +39 347 844 7653

E-mail: info_at_genussbunker.it


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