SPA - Saunas, Pool & Gym

Apartment with pool and saunas in South Tyrol

Our residence in the Gsiesertal offers you a spacious SPA - wellness area with Finnish sauna, steam bath, bio sauna, swimming pool with 20 meters and a gym.

Swimming in the 20 meter long sports pool

Apartments with pool in the dolomites

Swim yourself in shape. Our 20-meter stainless steel pool is the perfect exercise area for passionate swimmers and athletes. Due to a particular cleaning method we do not add chlorine directly, this is reflected in a soft skin feeling which the water creates.

Nordic sweating in one of the saunas

SPA with Finnish sauna and bio sauna

Enjoy the fantastic view at temperature of 90°C to the South Tyrolean Alps from the Finnish sauna. After a 10-15 minute stay you have the opportunity to cool down gently in the fresh mountain air with a view of the Braies Dolomites.

In alternative you can sweat in the 60 degree warm bio sauna. Here you can enjoy above all the the mild warmth. No matter what you choose, relaxation is guaranteed.

Enjoy the cosy warmth of the steam bath

Feel the pleasant warmth and high humidity of the 45 degree steam bath and let the demonstrably positive health effect work on you.

Let your body and mind guide you through the day. Take a breath. Regenerate.

Or just relax with a fantastic view 

at 1500 meter above sea level in the middle of the Italian Alps.

Let the day end comfortably in one of our three relaxation areas.

Gym - Crossfit

Modern gym to train strength, endurance, coordination, mobility and balance. The Crossfit Box is 24h accessible and is equipped with the following equipment: Indoor Rower, SkiErgometer, Half Rack, Kettlebells, Slam Balls, Abmat, Wallball, Pull-up bars.

What you need to know:

The indoor pool is accessible from 06am-10.00pm and can be used without a reservation. Pool is closed from 08-09am and 07-08pm due to cleaning. There are no age restrictions.

The sauna area is accessible daily from 3.00pm to 7.00pm. Please note that this area is only accessible from 16 years of age on.

  • Our saunas are textile-free, so you should not wear swimwear.
  • A towel should always be placed on the benches of the sauna before sitting or lying down. This ensures that sweat does not get onto the wooden benches in the sauna, because following guests should also be allowed to find certain standards of hygiene.
  • In order to enjoy the sauna in the best possible way, you should take an extensive shower before and after the sauna.
  • If you want to make a sauna infusion, ask for the wishes of the other guests. Not everyone likes it to hot and humid. Essential oils that you bring with you are not necessarily wanted by the other sauna guests.
  • The relaxation room in the sauna is used to relax and unwind. According to its name, the atmospere in the relaxation room should also be as quiet as possible.

The way to your recreation place in the Dolomites

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