Sorapis Lake - Lago di Sorapis

The turquoise blue lake in the middle of the Dolomites gets its colour from the high lime content in the water. In the middle of the rocks and alpine meadows this jewel of the Dolomites sparkles. 

Where is Lake Sorapis located?

The lake is located near the Tre Croci Pass halfway between Misurina and Cortina

What is the distance to Lake Sorapis?

From us to the Tre Croci Pass you need between 50-55 minutes by car. It is about 50km. From the Tre Croci Pass to the lake it is another 90 min. walk, the lake is not accessible by car.


How do you get to Lake Sorapis?

The starting point for the hike to Lake Sorapis is the Passo Tre Croci. You follow the signs for the rifugio Vandelli until you reach a barrier, where you follow path no. 215, a sign also points to the Lake Sorapis. The path initially leads slightly uphill through the woods. From the edge of the forest the path then leads along rock faces and is also somewhat exposed in places - but it is equipped with holding ropes. The lake is located 150m beside rifugio Vandelli.

Where can I park?

At Passo Tre Croci there are parking places, but not too many. Especially in the summer months of June, July and August it can get quite crowded. It is recommended to be there early.

Is it possible to walk around the lake?

It is possible to walk around the lake, there is a small path, but it is not worth it because the lake is not very large. 


As the lake is a popular excursion destination, it is recommendable to be there early, specially in the summer months, in order to find a parking place at the Passo Tre Croci and also to be able to enjoy the lake in peace.

The lake is also very beautiful in autumn, but after a dry summer it is possible that the lake has hardly any water left or is completely dried out.

You can also combine the trip to Sorapis Lake with a visit to the town of Cortina, and we recommend a visit to Lago di Misurina.

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