100% carbon-neutral holiday in the Mountain Residence Montana

Your haven of tranquillity in South Tyrol

Nature, the forests and the mountains are the basis of our life and a place of desire for guests and locals alike. We seek relaxation there and gain strength for everyday life.

As early as 2002, we realised that we had to be more careful with nature and its resources. We therefore decided to replace our oil heating system with an environmentally friendly pellet heating system. This provides us with all the energy for heating the building and the hot water, 100% carbon neutral. We take care to strengthen the local economic cycles and only buy local pellets, which are produced from waste products of the local timber industry.

Furthermore, we only buy hydro-electric power. Most of the electricity is produced directly in the valley by a cooperative. If the electricity production is not sufficient in winter, hydroelectric power is purchased entirely within the region of South Tyrol.

This means that our resort is 100% carbon neutral.

As a guest, you can therefore enjoy a holiday with all the comforts and without compromises to the fullest.

Some details about further implemented measures in the Mountain Residence Montana:

We have a climate house A. This means that the house is very well insulated, has triple-glazed windows, has window fronts that are mostly south-facing and can absorb a lot of light and heat in winter. This means that heating costs can be reduced to a minimum. Because of the good insulation and the deep balconies, however, the house remains pleasantly cool in summer and air conditioning can be dispensed with without any problems.

Water-saving taps and shower heads are used everywhere.

In the garage you can charge your electric or hybrid car at an e-charging station.

All public transport in South Tyrol can be used free of charge. Trains run on electricity, most buses still have a modern but conventional engine.

All ventilation units have heat recovery and thus energy loss is reduced to a minimum.

Self-evident, but sometimes not. We separate the rubbish and ask you to carefully separate the rubbish that accumulates in the flat. When the bins are full, the rubbish can be disposed of properly in a separate room near the garage.

There is an e-bike rental service in the immediate vicinity, so you can also get around quickly on site, saving energy and protecting the environment.


We are always grateful for your tips and suggestions.

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