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Fam. Hintner
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I-39030 S. Maddalena
Valle di Casies
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Apartments Rental

Why you should book a vacation rental

1. Cheaper than the typical hotel stay and more space
Our vacation rentals are fully equipped: a kitchen where you can cook your own meal or create one of the local delicacies. We offer more space compared to a traditional hotel room. A cozy living room equipped with a TV, a comfy couch for relaxation, a cozy bedroom as well as bathrooms complete the comfort of your vacation rental. Enjoy a luxurious yet affordable vacation in the Alps.

2. A more authentic experience 
It is a known fact that our guests get to know their vacation surroundings better than hotel guests. Our guests are more independent, go shopping, drop by the tourism information center and explore the surrounding villages. 

3. No stressful dress code
Adhering to rules in your daily life is hard enough and so we thought we offer you the freedom to do whatever you want, anytime you feel like it.

4. Time Management
We don’t have any hotel opening times and therefore allow you to enjoy every minute of your precious time.