Past old farms and hamlets

Winter hike in St. Magdalena in the Gsiesertal

From the church in St. Magdalena, walk to Lanzberg (1470m, refreshments available). Then continue along the Talblickweg to Weißberg, past the ancient hamlet of Huiben and the Huber Höfe, continue along the ski slope to the Hacklerhöfe and from there to the Talschlusshütte. Once at the Talschlusshütte, cross the bridge and follow the old Gsieser road uphill past the Keil and Unterhaberer farms. Now turn left and continue hiking to Oberhaberer and Kleinster. From there straight on to the Regiohof (fruit workshop) and continue left to the Kradorferhöfe. Above the Kardorferhof farm, follow the Mühlweg to the right to get back to the starting point.

Starting point: Gsiesertal / St. Magdalena Church

Track length: 6 km

Walking time: 01:50 h

Difficulty: medium

Difference in altitude: 175 m

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