Find out here what we do together for your safe vacation.

What South Tyrolean tourism does to protect you and how you can protect yourself and others, we show you here. For your safe and relaxed vacation.

Safe hospitality at the Mountain Residence Montana - THE DETAILS

Booking & Arrival:

Until further notice we have adjusted the cancellation conditions to the current situation. Should the Covid-19 pandemic lead to local or personal travel restrictions (such as quarantine or ban on entering South Tyrol), no cancellation fees will be charged.

In general, we ask you to arrive healthy.

Detailed entry regulations

We are very happy to tell you that since 30.04 for people from EU countries and Schengen countries (countries on list C) it is possible to enter Italy without a five-day quarantine.

What to consider:

In order to vacation in South Tyrol, you currently need the so-called CoronaPass. The CoronaPass is not an actual identity card, the CoronaPass is only a proof that a person either

- has been tested negative
- fully vaccinated or
- has recovered as a result of a confirmed Covid 19 infection in the last 6 months.

In South Tyrol, Corona Pass holders have access to accommodations and access to the "Corona Pass Area", i.e. the interiors of restaurants, bars, museums, cinemas and concert halls.

Children under the age of 6 are not required to present a CoronaPass.

Tested persons provide proof of the negative test result by presenting the test result in paper form or by means of a QR code that appears on the test result. However, the presence of a QR code is not mandatory.

The negative test result is valid for 72 hours, calculated from midnight on the day of the test.

Negative test confirmations of an antigen or PCR test carried out in the rest of the country or abroad are also recognized as a CoronaPass and authorize consumption indoors in restaurants or access to accommodations for 72 hours, calculated from midnight on the day of the test.

Accommodation establishments must check the validity of the test result at check-in.

If you would like to visit a restaurant during your vacation and the original test from the day of arrival is no longer valid, you can obtain a new test free of charge at the Welsberg test station.

Vaccinated and recovered persons, on the other hand, must present a vaccination certificate or confirmation of recovery at check-in.

The CoronaPass is necessary for vacationing in South Tyrol until further notice, when it will be abolished again is unclear at the moment.

General anti-Covid-19 measures:

We have a protocol in place to monitor and implement the policies of national and local health authorities.

We have conducted a risk assessment to identify measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection.

We monitor and regularly review the implementation of the measures. Logbooks are used to record the implementation of the measures.

Employees, guests and suppliers are informed at information boards about the guidelines and measures the hotel takes against COVID 19.

Measures have been taken to ensure physical distancing in public areas.

Employees and suppliers are examined by us for their body temperature and symptoms before starting work.

Signboards have been placed throughout the facility to remind guests and staff of proper hygiene practices and social distancing.

There are methods to assist health authorities in tracing potential contacts with identified cases of infection (i.e. for staff, guests and suppliers)

Contractors and suppliers have been informed that they may only work on the property if they comply with hygiene protocols and social distancing.


What you must observe as a guest:

In general, we ask you to arrive healthy.

For the best possible corona prevention, we kindly ask you to wear a mouth and nose protection in all hotel interiors. Exceptions to this rule are situations where you are resting on a lounger in the sauna or swimming pool area, for example. Therefore, the loungers have been placed sufficiently far apart.

Common sense dictates that wearing a mask is not reasonable when swimming or in saunas or steam baths. Please keep a minimum distance of 2m for all activities.

We are happy if you bring your own new vacation accessory. Of course, we also have masks available at the reception.

You are welcome to use disinfection products in the gym, the sauna area and the swimming pool by yourself

We ask you to clean and disinfect fitness equipment by yourself before and after use.

There are access restrictions in the gym and sauna areas. The sauna and steam bath cabins can be reserved, so you can use them undisturbed alone with your partner. In this way, the minimum distance can be easily maintained in the cabins.

In case of fever above 37.5 degrees or other flu-like symptoms, please stay in your room and inform the reception. Under no circumstances should you visit a doctor in South Tyrol on your own.

Tests for guests before departure can be organized by us, details can be obtained at the reception.


What we pay attention to when cleaning:

The cleaning and disinfection frequency of frequent contact points has been increased.

There are protocols for cleaning and disinfection procedures in case of a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case.

Cleaning and disinfection of guest rooms follows a specific protocol, paying special attention to high frequency touch points (doorknobs, remote control, safe, switches, kettles, etc.)

Lockers in SPA or gym are regularly disinfected

Fitness equipment is frequently cleaned and regularly disinfected

Saunas, steam baths and showers are regularly cleaned and disinfected.


What the reception team can do for you:

You have the possibility of a contactless web-based check-in.

The reception team is trained to provide you with detailed information about hotel hygiene and social distancing and to advise guests with COVID-19 symptoms correctly.

If physical distancing cannot be guaranteed, the hotel staff will use other measures that are known to be effective in preventing infection as for example face masks.

Protective masks and hand disinfectants are available for guests at the reception desk.

When checking in, we will gladly remind you of social distance measures, hand hygiene measures and the obligation to wear a mask.

Key cards will of course be disinfected after checking out.


Which Covid rules the employees follow:

Employees must wear a surgical mask when other people are present, regardless of the distance between people and whether they are guests or other employees.

Work clothing will be changed and cleaned regularly.

In the event of fever (over 37.5°) or other flu-like symptoms, it is compulsory to stay at home, inform the doctor and the medical authorities.

Whenever risk conditions exist (flu-like symptoms, increased temperature, etc.), employees are not allowed to enter the hotel.

Employees inform the employer about the occurrence of any flu-like symptoms during work.

Employees who have already tested positive for COVID-19 must submit a notification with the medical certificate confirming the negative results of the smear test.


Technical and maintenance services:

Appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines are routinely checked to ensure that the hottest cycles are working properly.

The water quality and chlorine content of the swimming pool are regularly checked.

Ventilation systems are routinely checked.

Disinfectant dispensers are distributed in sufficient numbers throughout the premises and are refilled regularly.

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